This industry is very very tough and is oversaturated with people who want that dream role just as much as you do. They are just as experienced and just as talented. So what can you do to stand out?



One of the most important things you can do as an Artist is network at events, plays, fundraisers and the like. Show your face and speak to people. Exchange details, offer business cards and follow them on Twitter. Don't underestimate the power of a good word.

But isn't my agent supposed to do that?:

Yes, and we do! But this is a business and you are in charge of your own image. We try to seek out opportunities and put those we think are right for those roles forward, if you've already met someone in the casting team by chance, then you're already ahead! Remember an agent is working with you, we expect you to go out and hunt for roles just as much as we are, nothing will come to you if you wait for it.

Train a lot and tweet about it:

Your training should never 'end', honing your craft is a constant and changing thing that is unique to each Artist. The more you have on your CV, the more reliable and professional you will look. A few credits and a a 1 year course wont make you stand out when compared to someone with years of extensive and varied training under their belt.

Unpaid work:

Nobody wants to work unpaid, especially when you've worked so hard to get onto Spotlight and spent years training. But there's nothing worse on an actors CV than periods of time between work; you can plug that gap with work in Student Films (see our resources section for the best schools to enquire with), low budget projects and small-scale stage work. This will keep your CV fresh as well as potentially offering some good showreel footage.

Make your own work:

It is not uncommon for Artists to produce and launch their own stage productions or short films. This shows an intense interest in the industry, even if you are making this work yourself.

Tweet everyday, about everything:

Everyone in the industry uses Twitter, so make sure you are active on there. Follow producers, casting directors and writers. Regularly communicate with them (without being a nuisance) so they become aware of you. Even if you set aside a few minutes a day to direct tweet someone, it can make all the difference. 

Start here: 

  • Complimenting the writers of a film you were recently impressed by

  • If you thought the casting was great in something else you've seen, let them know

  • If there was a particular performance you thought shined from a supporting role, then tell them!

  • THANK PEOPLE if they follow you, it can start a dialogue 

What more can I do?

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